Health & Wellness

Solving real patient problems with revolutionary digital products

Healthcare is changing rapidly. Patients are demanding more consumer-like experiences, with easier access to their information, more engagement from their providers, and better tools to help them achieve better health. At the same time, the opportunity for healthcare and wellness organizations to revolutionize their businesses through human-centered design and innovative technology is unprecedented.

Key drivers to making a positive impact

People and patients are the real heroes

Why do the leads in any medical story on TV or movies tend to be doctors? Using innovative and empathic approaches to UX, we’re re-imagining healthcare and wellness around a customer journey centered on a new “hero” in the medical drama—the patient.

Behavior change is our greatest opportunity

Combining evidence-based behavior science with the power of digital tools and personal devices, we can change real world behaviors that directly impact people’s health and wellness.

We're better when we work together

Collaboration among patients, providers, caregivers, designers, and engineers is critical to developing new ideas that will positively impact the way we practice, deliver, and experience healthcare and wellness.

Health & Wellness Work

We approach our work in health and wellness with passion and a mission to not only prolong lives but to make those years count, enabling more life through impactful innovation.

Jay Erickson / Chief Innovation Officer / Modus

"The result is a beautiful, award-winning digital experience that drives results."

Kevin Foley / Founder & Chairman / Radius