Background: Students working together with a laptop, foreground: KnoPro screenshots on mobile phones

Next-gen lead gen

After successfully collaborating to conceptualize and build their “KnoPro" product, a free digital platform that engages high schoolers in building real-world career skills, NAF leveraged Modus’ digital marketing expertise to launch the product nationwide.

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Page Lead Generation
  • List Management
  • A/B Testing
  • Campaign Creation
  • Video Creation 
  • Influencer Identification & Management 
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Strategy, Implementation & Optimization
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The Ask: National product rollout to educators and students

NAF asked Modus to help roll out KnoPro nationally by creating awareness of the product among teachers who might be interested in using KnoPro in their classrooms as well as in after-school programs designed to empower students with skills development. The rollout would also promote awareness among high school students looking to build their resumes, acquire real-world skills, and potentially win prizes and money for their ideas and innovation.

    Our Solution: Comprehensive digital and social marketing campaign

    Modus partnered with NAF to develop a marketing strategy for the rollout, focusing on two key audiences: educators and high school students. We built the campaign across multiple placement types, including paid search, social, video, audio, and digital out-of-home. As part of our comprehensive strategy, we included email marketing, dedicated landing pages, and partnerships with key influencers.

      The Result: Outperformance of benchmarks across the board

      The launch campaign outperformed benchmarks across the board. In our target markets of Atlanta, Chicago, Columbus, Houston, California (Central Valley, Inland Empire, Greater LA), Sterling, and Memphis:

      - The campaign drove 10.7M impressions and nearly 60,000 clicks from teachers and students.

      - Educator campaigns outperformed projections for CTR by 32%.

      - All CTRs were above benchmarks, indicating strong creative and strong audience targeting.

      Throughout the campaign, we continuously optimized all ad placements to enhance results. This included testing of messaging and design to maximize resonance with educator and student audiences, further informing future campaigns.

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