a woman eating in the background and two phones with Renzell site on it.

Crowd-sourced data in luxury hospitality

In large cities, the ultra-competitive fine dining world was lacking credible real-time, data-driven analysis of what makes an establishment truly great. Enter Renzell, the first digital crowd-sourced solution for the culinary curious. Renzell members were able to dine out, submit their receipts, and take surveys and in return access highly curated, customized, and unique dining experiences. Modus created a user design that was unique, compelling & easy to use targeting a luxury, large metropolitan area demographic. The design coupled with industry leading data analysis & machine learning on the back end drove member engagement and led to acquisition by Seated.

  • Marketing SIte
  • Restaurant Review App 
  • Reservation System
  • Digital Concierge
a white and turquoise background with a phone showing the Renzell site in the front
Renzell site
a turquoise background with phone showing the Renzell site in the top
Renzell site on a computer
a woman with a menu talking with a waitress

Modus was able to expertly translate Renzell’s methodology & data into a compelling & easy to use app experience - we couldn’t have done it without them

Bo Peabody / Founder / Renzell

two phones showing the Renzell site

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