Two screens with Gibson store and Gibson store in background

Headlining retail with 3D virtual store

In June, 2021, Gibson opened the “Gibson Garage” retail store in Nashville, Tennessee - 8,000 square feet of guitars, amps, accessories, performance space, and historical exhibition. 

To enable fans from across the globe to experience the magic, we created a 3D digital twin of inspiring space that can be easily accessed from any device. We included video inside the 3D model playing on stage, as well as an exciting experience of being able to ride the conveyor belt of 190 guitars encircling the Garage.

  • Concepts & Design
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical Strategy
  • Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Video & 3D Capture
Gibson storefront map with screen
Gibson store map
Screen with Gibson guitars and example of Es guitar
Computer screen with Gibson storefront
Multiple screens of Gibson storefront
Transmitter with Gibson branding

We're building this aspect of the business like a startup, and that's where the partnership with Modus has been so fantastic because it is really about partnership. And it's been really amazing.

Josh Ehren / Global Head of Omni-Experience / Gibson

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