Workshop recap: How to rock at brand-to-demand marketing

Selena Ricks

Selena Ricks

Brand and Marketing Communications Lead

Leaders from Modus’ marketing and business development teams led a workshop on resonant marketing at the 2023 Transformational CMO Assembly

What do CMOs say is their top challenge when it comes to brand and demand marketing? Forty-one percent of the audience at our recent workshop at Millennium Alliance’s 2023 Transformational CMO Assembly said siloed teams.

As marketers face pressure to justify budgets, brand marketing and demand generation initiatives often compete against each other for funding and priority. So even though teams may be working to reach the same target audience along similar touchpoints, they are mandated with different goals and KPIs. This can lead to organizational tunnel vision  — a focus on short-term results — rather than alignment on a cohesive customer experience.

At the assembly, Modus’ Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Erickson, and VP of Client Strategy, Olivier Deneef, presented the workshop “Rock, Roll, and Resonate: Brand-to-Demand Marketing That Rallies the Enterprise.” Jay and Olivier revealed how to implement an agile approach to marketing that rocks, rolls, and resonates.

Rock to the same tune

The first step is to bring the band together by laying the foundation for cross-functional teams to collaborate effectively. This requires a cultural shift and trust-building.

  • Align on a cultural mindset
  • Support teams with the right processes, tools, and training
  • Consider bringing in external facilitators to bring new ideas, foster collaboration, and share unbiased views of what’s needed to make teams successful. Next to internal alignment, there’s also an opportunity for agency alignment with larger enterprises.

Roll out the red carpet

Roll out the red carpet for your customers — keep them at the center of your strategy and marketing efforts. When you ground your marketing in buyer outcomes, marketing becomes a service layer on top of your products and services.

  • Focus on buyers outcomes (throughout their journey)
  • Create messaging and campaigns that show how the business understands and helps to create a level of trust and comfort — throughout brand and demand marketing
  • Ensure consistency with brand voice and tone

Resonate with agility

To make a leap in your marketing strategy requires an iterative approach. This isn’t an easy process. Stay nimble through the use of agile marketing and in-person collaboration and innovation.

  • Adopt a shared strategy
  • Validate campaigns and messaging
  • Implement a test-and-learn approach

Achieving resonance starts with a customer-centric mindset across the organization, and that requires buy-in from multidisciplinary leadership teams. Assess the current state of your teams, tools, processes, and deliverables, and chart a path forward. Align organizational resources around desired outcomes to build the data and martech road map. Identify the enablers and investments needed to deliver. Modus has partnered with leading organizations to break down enterprise siloes and turn up the volume on customer resonance, and we can do the same for you — connect with us to learn more.

Written by

Selena Ricks

Brand and Marketing Communications Lead

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Exploring the intersections of lifestyle, business, tech & culture.

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