Wild Talk: Rivers, Castles and Kayaks


Wild Talk: Rivers, Castles and Kayaks

In this podcast episode, we got the band back together — the Modus band — for a team-building adventure on the Hudson River

“We are social animals. We crave belonging - to each other, to family, to tribe, to team, to community. So when we have these moments of connectivity, especially after being in isolation for so long, it rings a bell deep within us. ” — Jay Erickson

In previous years, our agency would have a regular schedule of team-building events — happy hours, kickboxing, karaoke, and BBQs, just to name a few. Obviously, the pandemic changed all of that. We’ve done our best to combat the ongoing isolation of remote work with virtual tools and events, but there’s nothing quite like the camaraderie and rapport that can be experienced in-person.

Around the globe, organizations are struggling to find ways to gather that feel safe and meet this moment which is leading us to a new normal. It can be important to gather, at least occasionally, in-person, for those that are comfortable. These small but meaningful traditions help keep employees engaged and motivated throughout these challenging times.

So after months of social distancing, and with the vaccination rollout in full swing, many of us felt safe enough to meet outdoors in the natural environment. We decided to put our pencils down and our paddles up as we gathered 90 minutes north of NYC to kayak on the Hudson River with Storm King Adventure Tours to Bannerman Island, a castle with an explosive history. 

In this episode of Wild Talk: Rivers, Castles, and Kayaks, join host Jay Erickson and some of our Modus teammates as we weigh in on meeting in person for the first time since the pandemic, lockdowns, and working from home. The excitement to be together in person is palpable as we set sail on a new chapter and adventure together.

“We've been missing dimension. Everything's been very flat, not just because the screen is flat and people are flat — we all just got there like very one-dimensional. A lot of the beauty and the messiness and the connections that all happen that you don't realize they're happening. The ones you can feel but not see.” — Abi Stock, VP of Strategy, Modus

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