Why Your CX Needs An Expert Review

Graham Ericksen, Partner and Chief Strategy Officer

Graham Ericksen

Partner | Chief Strategy Officer

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A strong digital customer experience for products and services is no longer a nice to have, it’s now table stakes. Good CX ensures the customer gets the same quality of service as they would face-to-face. For companies investing in new or updated experience design, it’s crucial that these solutions pass the usability test in order to get the most ROI. How do you know your customer experience offers a great user experience? One way is to turn to the experts for a heuristic review — a particularly important step before your go-to-market phase. Here’s what an expert review can deliver:

Early feedback: Customer reviews are always going to be useful to help refine and develop your product. The only issue is that you only get these after you put your product out there. While this is going on, you may have to deal with a flurry of complaints, and if the issue is large enough, your product perception may never recover. Using expert reviews early on is a key way to combat this. You get the feedback early enough in the process that customers never know there was an issue in the first place. In turn, this means a more polished product when you finally go public.

Deeper insights when combined with other testing formats: Expert reviews work well in conjunction with other testing methods, such as user focus groups, letting you see how different parts of your product function. For example, usability tests may point out some issues, while your expert review may point out others. Combined, this means more comprehensive feedback for you.

Comparison to what else is on the market: Part of what makes expert reviews more useful than say, strictly internal reviews, is the fact that the experts already know what the baseline is. For example, if you are trying to create a productivity tool, they already know what the base expectations of your audience are. As a result, they can point out areas where your product outperforms the competition, and where it falls short.

This can play out in quite a few helpful ways. For example, if you know your loading times are longer than the competition, then you need to act before releasing the product. However, if you know you outperform competitors in say, time saved with emails, that’s a point to go into your own marketing.

Professional background: Many CX experts come from backgrounds of not just technology, but also areas like psychology and business. This diversity in background is important because it allows them to approach issues from different perspectives. For example, a CX expert with a psych background knows how your customers will most likely approach your program, so you can design the software accordingly.

If you’re looking for a starting point for your CX to get a review, be sure to look to a company like Modus. Our expertise in human-centered design and UX means that we can find the major benefits and weak spots of your product, so you bring the best to market.

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