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Selena Ricks

Selena Ricks

Brand and Marketing Communications Lead

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We’ve guided many brands through change. This time, we turned the lens on ourselves.

It’s what we say to our clients, over and over: Any brand that wants to stay relevant must evolve. As an agency, we’ve led many companies through the rebranding process to help solidify their stories and refine the face they show the world. 

For Modus, our core identity has always centered around key themes. We’re makers, innovators, and guides, developing tech with a people-centered lens. However, as we’ve grown in recent years, we recognize a need to clarify who we are to reflect our evolving approach to our work. We want to convey how it feels to work with us, across every touchpoint that clients and prospects have with our brand.

As we audited the stories Modus has conveyed in the past, as well as our values and beliefs, we’ve come back to one tenet that rang true over the years: we help people make their way in a digital world.

Modus (noun) - origin: Latin; meaning: a way of doing something.

Recently, Modus unveiled our new logo and tagline: “Leading the digital way.” This change is part of an overall brand refresh rolling out in phases, but today we want to explain our decisions behind our updated logo.

Animation of old Modus logo and new Modus logo

We knew early on that this would not be a rip-and-replace, but rather, we would build on our foundation with energy and excitement.

“Our green circular icon, the core of our visual identity since 1999, has not changed, other than a slightly brighter green,” said Kristen Kulenych, Partner and Chief Experience Officer. “It’s still a recognizable differentiator for who we are. The symbol illustrates our origins in digital, as it represents the 1s and 0s of code.”

The most striking change is our wordmark. “The new Modus wordmark is bolder,” said Valeria Ardanaz, Visual Designer, Experience Design. “We’ve customized the Optien font by adding half-arc shapes on the letterforms. This introduces a sense of kinetic energy and forward motion.”

Mockup of the new Modus logo on a coffee mug and stationary.

With a stronger expression of our identity, Modus can power forward into the future, while remaining connected to our vibrant past. Over the next few months, you’ll see changes to our appearance and messaging across our website, social channels, and other touchpoints as we ring in the new year.

As always, our focus remains on our clients. They are leaders in their fields. They turn to us to design, build, and market engaging, future-forward experiences for their customers. It is through our work that they make a positive impact in their corners of the world.

They count on Modus, when it counts, to solve core business challenges and discover innovative opportunities. With Modus as their partner, they shift digital forward.

Written by

Selena Ricks

Brand and Marketing Communications Lead

Exploring the intersections of lifestyle, business, tech & culture.

Exploring the intersections of lifestyle, business, tech & culture.

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