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In the third and final part of our Web3 series, we look at how we at Modus would use Web3 technology to transform our lives.

For our third Make-a-thon of 2022 – our quarterly team-building exercise focused on innovation and collaboration – we challenged ourselves with Web3 technology.

Our quarterly make-a-thons challenge us to cross-collaborate, problem solve, and think as creatively as possible. Make-a-thons are so well loved because they give us an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues we may not normally get the chance to work with. In the past, themes have included worldbuilding, industrial design, and much more. The choice of Web3 technology was an interesting topic as a lot of us had no idea what Web3 even was. But the chance to learn about the technology and explore this topic creatively was met with both curiosity and enthusiasm. We were ready to get to work. 

Before we jump in, to better understand the transformative powers of Web3 and why it seems like everyone is talking about it, start here. Next, check out the second part of our series where we demonstrate how businesses are actively unlocking Web3 technology opportunities.

Discover what's possible

The exercise consisted of two 2-hour collaborative workshops in which we broke out into 16 multidisciplinary teams. We were challenged to turn Web2 on its head and use Web3 technology to uncover a new product or service which could change the way we live our lives. Each team’s task was to: 

What would be a concept utilizing Web3 and the blockchain that could revolutionize our lives?

What unique problem(s) does your product solve? Or how does your product simplify a person's or an organization's life?


  • Define target users
  • Define the goal (how does this solve the problem?)
  • Detail the use case scenario
  • Name the product

"Imagination is more important than knowledge" - Albert Einstein

Third Place: NOX Global ID

Team 11: Arianne, Juani, Mia, Rachel, and Sean

What was most important to team 11 was considering how Web3 technology could be beneficial for the greater good, not just for those that could afford it. In this reality, Web3 technology can be wielded as a nonprofit global service to enhance voter access, prevent voter fraud, and more. This technology works by assigning biometric verifications via a blockchain immediately upon birth.

What the team considered:

  • How can Web3 benefit all rather than a select group of people?
  • Do we still have identity fraud?
  • How and when is identification assigned?

Second Place: B•Nice Corp™

Team 15: Kristen, Asim, Valeria, Tom, Brian, Tae, and Renato

In the last 200 years, we’ve seen an exponential growth in bad people and egregious behavior. As we know, bad people struggle to be nice, thereby negatively impacting those around them. In this reality, a reward-based token (Karma Kredit™) economy around altruistic behavior is implemented, effectively ridding the world of “A-Holes.” In this reality, here are some ways you can earn Karma Kredit™s to eventually cash in: 

  • Patiently wait for pedestrians to cross the road? → Get Karma Kredits™ minted and deposited to your wallet immediately. Do that while smiling? → Extra Kredits!
  • Help your elderly neighbor unload their groceries? → Get Karma Kredits™!
  • Donate some of your time to clean the nearby park? → Kredits! Do it on a Sunday before 10AM? → Extra Kredits!

What the team considered:

  • How are good and bad behaviors tracked?
  • What can you redeem with your tokens?
  • Can we get extra tokens?

First Place: Mokens for Modi

Team 4: Lorrie, Sarah, Norma, Chris, Skyler, Emilija, and Juan

As we all know too well, in a 100% remote environment, it can be difficult for employees to personally connect and genuinely show appreciation for each other. In this reality, Mokens are distributed to fellow Modus employees who have positively shown up for one another. Mokens can then be used to redeem rewards such as PTO, Modus swag, private in-home chefs, and more. Here are some ways Modis can earn Modi Mokens:

  • Covering for someone when they need help
  • Doing a fantastic job on a certain project
  • Upvoting comments in a meeting
  • Receiving upvotes for valuable Slack comments
  • Company meetings with your camera on

What the team considered:

  • How can employees show appreciation to one another in a completely remote environment?
  • How are Mokens earned?
  • What can you use Mokens for?
  • Do Modis have to redeem their Mokens?

While we already knew our Modus team was a creative bunch, seeing our talented team members come together and have the opportunity to explore new ideas and create such compelling concepts really blew us away. We hope you enjoyed imagining with us just as much as we did!

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Modus is a full service digital agency headquartered in New York City. We build human-centered digital experiences that drive businesses forward.

Modus is a full service digital agency headquartered in New York City. We build human-centered digital experiences that drive businesses forward.

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