Introducing a New Podcast for Uncharted Territory: Wild Talk

Jay Erickson, Partner and Chief Innovation Officer

Jay Erickson

Partner | Chief Innovation Officer

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When the old rules no longer apply, we need to take our guidance from unconventional places. Wild Talk is a podcast recorded outdoors that explores what nature can teach us about navigating the unknown. By asking experts from far-flung disciplines to wander the world with us, we explore the relationship we have to the natural world, and how it might help us set the course through our uncertain times.

Yeah, we know. Everyone’s making a podcast these days. But it turns out that audio is actually a great way to get your mind connected to the natural world, as we learned from our first guest, psychiatrist and psychopharmacologist Dr. Julie Holland. So we strive to capture ambient sounds — birds, leaves crunching underfoot, running water — along with our own voices so that nature is there with the listener as part of the conversation. The sound bath has a calming effect that we hope allows the words to sink in deeper and inspire new connections.

No Powerpoints, no business attire, no filters between these ideas and the natural world in which they must take root. Episodes follow either a guest or an idea as they lead us through webs of connection between brain science and social movements, food science and education, performance art and algorithms, and anywhere else the wild world takes us.

We hope you join us for some Wild Talk. Let’s step outside.

See you out there,

Emily Kagan-Trenchard & Jay Erickson

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About the hosts:

Emily Kagan-Trenchard

Emily Kagan-Trenchard is the VP of Digital & Innovation Strategy at Northwell Health, New York’s largest private health system. She is also a poet and writer exploring what it means to give and receive care in the digital age. She lives in Brooklyn with her husband and two kids.

Jay Erickson

Jay Erickson is a Co-Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Modus, a global digital agency. Jay is also a poet, musician, producer, entrepreneur, beekeeper, carpenter, cancer survivor and blogger, wanderer and gardener. He lives in Pawling, NY with his wife, daughters, chickens, bees and cat.

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