How AI Can Make Digital Customer Experiences More Human



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Artificial intelligence is increasingly becoming essential to financial services companies to stay competitive. As we approach the next stage of machine intelligence, AI can enable the banking industry to deliver a more human experience.

The idea of “humanizing” anything digital can sound confusing, especially in an age where the success of most of our industries is dictated by our advancements in tech. How can we make a digital experience a more human one, especially now that so many of us depend on CRM platforms, chatbots, and automated marketing software?

To humanize the customer experience is simply to personalize it — to acknowledge that our customers and clients are individuals who can think for themselves, and don’t subscribe to blanket marketing tactics of the past. Not only should we be able to address consumers’ current needs, but we must also be able to anticipate their future ones as well. We can do just that with the help of AI.

AI is embedded in an overwhelming amount of our workflow tools. Modus recently worked with Moody’s Analytics to launch a tool using machine learning and natural language processing to track Coronavirus-related news sentiment. We’ve also seen a significant increase in the use of high-powered AI in marketing and customer relations. It’s something customers are getting used to. Reports show that by 2025, 95% of all customer interactions will be AI facilitated.

When implemented correctly, AI can create a more personalized, humanized customer experience in ways we could never do alone. Here are few:

Improved Personalization

Your customers want to feel valued and heard. Old segmentation tricks were a step in the right direction, but they don’t cater to the individual needs of your customers. AI-powered customer engagement platforms take segmentation one step further by listening to and following individual customer journeys and forming personalized recommendations based on online behavior.

Thread, a UK-based clothing brand, is one example of how AI can personalize the online customer experience. Thread uses AI algorithms to provide shoppers with personalized clothing recommendations every week. Users can vote in favor of or against these choices, which gives the system the data it needs to provide better options.

An Easier, More Independent User Experience

AI can also be integrated into your website in a number of ways to create a simplified browsing process. It gives prospects a faster way to get the answers they need during their browse. Some AI tools can even give product and service recommendations based on viewing behavior or previous purchases.

Chatbots have become particularly popular for their ability to engage and encourage users. They have a near-endless number of use cases, from entertainment to help desk guidance. This year, the Texas Workforce Commission implemented a chatbot named Larry on their website to help relieve their call center workers. Larry provided over 1.2 million people with a faster and more accessible UI claims process.

Actionable Feedback

Your mobile app store isn’t the only platform asking for reviews. Survey tools are an extremely convenient way to get immediate data on your products, services, and overall customer experience. Today’s AI survey tools are more than just review messengers — they deliver meaningful insights based on real-time customer trends and recommend actions for improvement.

Though some might fear negative feedback, Google is among the many successful companies that use it to evolve. Google released its second-generation Pixel Buds this past April. Six weeks later, the company sent Pixel Buds owners a survey asking about any issues regarding the true-wireless earbuds. Google later announced it would be updating its product in response to the results, which projected connectivity issues for many users.

Around-The-Clock Customer Service

Your brick and mortar locations might have limited hours of operation, but your digital channels need to operate 24/7. Before the rise of automated customer experience tech, most companies weren’t able to afford the around-the-clock customer care staff. In today’s globalized and hyper-competitive market, that kind of support is necessary. With AI, your customers don’t have to wait until your stores or customer care centers reopen. They can make educated purchasing decisions remotely, and at any time of day.

AI can truly work miracles… when it’s well implemented and your team is trained to utilize it effectively. It’s time to stop working so hard to win over your customers. Start working smarter instead. Get your team acquainted with ours — Modus is ready to help you innovate your brand for the ultimate customer experience.

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