Android dreams make-a-thon: Augmenting creativity with algorithms



For our fourth and final Make-a-thon of 2022, our quarterly team-building exercise, we challenged ourselves with augmenting creativity with algorithms.

Our quarterly make-a-thons challenge us to pause client work to cross-collaborate, problem-solve, and think as creatively as possible. Make-a-thons are so well loved because they give us an opportunity to collaborate with colleagues we may not normally get the chance to work with, including international teammates. In the past, themes have included Web3 technology, industrial design, and much more.

Similarly to previous make-a-thons, we were introduced to a topic that was brand-new for the majority of us, Android Dreams. What on earth is Android Dreams, you ask? No worries, a lot of us were wondering the same thing. But if there is one thing we knew for sure going in, it’s that we would learn something new, get the chance to flex our creative muscles, and above all else — have a lot of fun.

What is generative art?

Generative art is a method where an artist creates or utilizes a system — such as a set of natural language rules, a computer program, procedural geometry…even chemistry — which sets in motion some degree of autonomy that contributes to or wholly produces a work of art or invents a new aesthetic.

Welcome to the Modus Android Dreams Art Gallery!

For one afternoon, we were challenged to create AI-generated artworks fit for a virtual gallery tour. Our goal for this make-a-thon was to co-create a truly unique and breathtaking piece of art for us to hang and display in our virtual gallery. At the end of the day, we were all able to “walk” the virtual halls and take in each other’s works of art. We did have just a few simple rules we were tasked with abiding by: 

  • Rule #1: Start from scratch
    We used OpenAI’s DALL-E 2 generator to discover how we could use the technology to expand our creativity. We had to create a brand new DALL-E account. No saved account or profiles!
  • Rule #2: 50 credits each
  • Rule #3: The rule of one
    Deliver one image and one caption panel
  • Rule #4: Keep it clean!
    All art must be appropriate for a PG-13 audience
  • Rule #5: Keep it to 3 minutes
    We had just 3 minutes to show off our artwork during the gallery walk-through

So, now that we all understand the task at hand, let’s get into the fun part - the art! To view the entire virtual art gallery, click here.

Third Place: The Christmas Battle of Evermore (and a Toucan)

Team Thirteen: Abbey, Sonny, Juan P., Anna

The epic Christmas battle between Santa and his army of undead nutcrackers defending his treasure hoard of presents for all the good little boys and girls from Krampus and his invading goblin minions!

Second Place: Transcending Into the Unknown

Team Tworteen: Andrei, Kent, Kim, Nicholas, Rick, Selena

As AI becomes more sentient, the creative mind is losing its innocence and the lines between human thought and technical production are blurred. What lies beyond the limits of consciousness? AI allows our minds to travel to the deepest spaces, but will this encourage new creation or will creatives find themselves being sucked into a black hole of the unknown?

First Place: Heartwarming Christmas Exchange

Team Sixteen: Shirley, Aleksandra, Maria, Vhon, Vianca

This vibrant surreal painting has captured a Christmas feast for the gods. Guests dress up in a melting pot of folk customs to dine on golden Peruvian roast turkey, fluffy Bulgarian Christmas breads, and succulent Filipino lechon. The parol cast a warm glow over the scene. This is a holiday celebration like no other, captured in all its technicolor glory. 

Time after time again, our Modus team blows us away with their creativity and willingness to compete. If you’d like to continue to view the entire virtual art gallery, click here. We hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Congratulations to the top three winners and thank you to Tom Foley, our VP of Experience Design and the brain behind our make-a-thons, for always putting on such a fun event!

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Modus is a full service digital agency headquartered in New York City. We build human-centered digital experiences that drive businesses forward.

Modus is a full service digital agency headquartered in New York City. We build human-centered digital experiences that drive businesses forward.

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