a mother with her daughter in the background and the Sittercity site on a tablet at the front

Finding the right fit with on-demand child care

Finding reliable child care can be, well, unreliable. Enter Sittercity—an online marketplace that connects families and sitters using smart match technology. We created an engaging web and mobile app experience that reinvented their product and reassured parents everywhere. Sittercity had already pioneered tech-enabled child care, but standing out in a sea of new competitors was a whole other world—and called for some serious product reinvigoration. Parents, more than anyone, need the convenience factor. Modus designed and engineered a web-based product and on-demand app that made connecting with, scheduling, and paying sitters fast and effortless. With user-focused branding and product design, Sittercity increased revenue and client retention while giving their customers parental peace of mind. 

  • Digital Branding
  • Online Marketplace
  • Mobile App
  • Marketing Website
a Sittercity site screen over a tablet
a Sittercity site screen over a tablet
a mother with her son looking at a phone

We improved our metrics in every category.

Martin Clifford / Chief Revenue Officer / Sittercity

Siitercity screens site on three diferent phones

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