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Providing a 360° view of sanctions risk

For Moody’s customers, identifying a sanctioned company is critical — and relatively straight forward. But identifying a bad actor inside a 15-level company? That’s a whole other level of complexity. Enter Sanctions 360, a tool Modus helped Moodys create that finds suspected risks at the individual level, and displays them in an intuitive interface that streamlines the research and risk-analysis process.

  • Database Integrations
  • Graph Data Management
  • Network Visualization
  • UX/UI Design
Moody's interface screens
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In choosing Modus, we’ve found a partner to help drive the pace of innovation within our business, power up internal teams, and meet deadlines with efficiency. We’re delighted to offer such an advanced new product for our clients.

Danielle Ferry / Managing Director / Head of Product Strategy (KYC)

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