Why the New LinkedIn Portfolio Feature is Bad For Business

LinkedIn recently announced a new feature to the personal profile page, and we couldn’t be more on board with the direction they’re headed. The Portfolio Display is the embodiment of one of our mantra’s here at Modus: “Show, Don’t Tell.”

LinkedIn Personal Portfolio Feature Not for Business

Historically non-visual, LinkedIn has caught up with the times by allowing users to post videos, illustrations, photography and presentations. From what we’ve learned from Facebook, posts with photos get 39% more interaction — and we’d expect the same bump in engagement from visual displays of work on LinkedIn.

For individuals, the benefits are pretty straightforward, especially if you’re in design, video, art or a similarly visual field. It’s free, and it helps showcase your work for prospective clients, recruiters and partners on a platform with which they already engage — fulfilling another mantra we like to live by: “Fish where the fish are.”

But something still seems to be lacking for company pages. There are places to promote products and services. And there’s the ability to feature content in hero spaces, as well as the “Promotions” sidebar. LinkedIn even just made a major announcement with the new Company Product Page. But we think there’s an opportunity for LinkedIn to give companies a more pronounced, dedicated space to show off their own portfolio of client work or thought leadership — something that’s more of a fixture as opposed to an ongoing feed.

On our own page, for example, we’d love to have a single space to show the final fruits of our labor — websites, intranets, email campaigns and apps. As a company, not just as individuals, it would be nice to fish where the fish are.