Content Strategy

What is Content Strategy? (A Google Search Confession.)

My biggest Google confession? I periodically search “what is content strategy?” Now, this is a legitimate query for 99.999% of the population—but I happen to be the Director of Content at a leading digital studio in New York. (Unsurprisingly, my boss is thrilled with this anecdote.)

This confession, of course, has a point other than totally undermining my credibility. I know what content strategy is for me and our organization, but its definition and application varies greatly beyond that.

For example, most marketing professionals consider content strategy to be the substance, structure, workflow, and governance that guides your content creation efforts. To a UX team, content strategy sits alongside information architecture and guides taxonomies, tone, information hierarchy, content audits, and content mapping. There’s also the content strategy (information hierarchy, goals, and CTAs) of an individual piece of content.

All together, there’s enough disparity that it causes confusion for content strategists themselves—and for our clients as well.

While singular definitions of content strategy will continue to exist in their respective spheres, Modus works across all instances of content strategy. So we’ve formed our own model that encompasses the different permutations content strategy and relationships thereof.

Here it is:

Content Strategy For Your Customer Journey

This is the strategy that aligns your entire customer journey with opportunities for content to satisfy their needs and invite them to engage further.

Content Strategy For Your Organization

This is the strategy that defines the role of content for your business and guides content planning, creation, publishing, distribution, maintenance, measurement, and teams.

Content Strategy For an Experience

This is the strategy that guides the content of a specific experience (e.g., your website, intranet, or product)—the categories and information hierarchy of that content, how existing content can be leveraged, and the goal of content in a given moment.

At Modus, content strategy is a critical component of almost every project we work on. This framework enables us to clarify what our clients need most, have productive conversations, find ways to better serve users—and ultimately help our clients achieve business success.

Want to talk about what content strategy means for your business? Get at me!

Liz Juusola, Director of Content