Modus Labs

The Future of Home-Buying

At an average sale price over $200,000, a home is one of the largest and most complex purchases people ever make. What if you could take control and make the process simpler and more personal?

Understand the buying process

It’s easy to get lost when you’re driving around looking at homes. And the same is true for buying one: without a clear map, you will get off track.

But no worries—just use a handy visual guide to home buying to keep track of who is involved, what they do, where you are in the process, and what lies ahead. It provides a central space for saving properties, uploading photos and notes, saving mortgage calculations, and communicating with agents and other advisors throughout the process. To track your savings, it can pull in data from outside financial accounts, and provide visual representation of your progress toward a purchase, down payment, or completion of paperwork.

As you visit each property, use your mobile phone to track the location and name of the properties you see, creating a scrap book of pictures, which you can share with your friends or family.

Along the way, you can add your own notes, rate properties as you go, compare them to some of the popular checklists, or even make your own list. If you want, you can send away for printing as a memento after the process.

Search the way that makes sense to you

There are endless numbers of real estate listings online, but is the best way to pick a home really just price or location?

What about other criteria, like public transportation, property taxes, school systems, a nice downtown shopping area? You may not be an expert in real estate, but you are an expert in yourself. So let simpler, smarter questions help define what you want, and then receive recommendations on homes and neighborhoods based on what really matters to you. They’ll provide instant like/dislike from friends and suggestions to help you decide.

Get to know a neighborhood

Once you’re at a property, why limit yourself to seeing only what is there?

With augmented reality, you can view much more through your mobile device – seeing it through the eyes of someone who already lives in the area.

Examples of what you can see include:

  • News about the area
  • Cell phone service strength
  • Photos of the place in different seasons
  • Local school information
  • Comparable sales in the neighborhood
  • Costs of utilities/running your home
  • Crime rate
  • Demographics
  • Amenities
  • Hospitals nearby and ratings
  • Transportation services
  • Carbon footprint
  • Taxes
  • Utility companies in the area
  • Community message boards/blogs

Choose the right agent for you

Home buying isn’t just about property, it’s about people. So start with the right agent, because the agent you work with can make all the difference between a positive experience and a miserable one.

Unfortunately, finding the right agent is not an exact science – most people work with the first one that calls, or take a recommendation on faith.

But if you had a way to find a good fit, what would that experience be? Imagine seeing agent ratings and reviews, allowing you to find the right match – and allowing the agent to ask a higher commission in exchange for a better service experience.