It’s Official: Mobile is the New Desktop

Talk about a tipping point. For the first time ever we now spend more time surfing the web on our phones than on PCs. We even spend more time on our phones than watching TV. It happened more quickly than most of us anticipated, but mobile is the new desktop. And now the sky is truly the limit.

Your customers and employees are turning to their phones for everything.

It’s changing how we live:

  • The average person checks their phone 150 times per day.
  • The always-on population, those who stay connected via mobile and computer options 24/7, is nearly at the 50% mark.

It’s changing how we work:

  • 90% of US employees used their personal device for work purposes in 2013.

It’s changing how we spend:

  • Sales originating on mobile devices are expected to reach 15% of all online purchases in 2014, up from 3% in 2010.
  • Goldman Sachs predicts retail mobile commerce sales will reach $626 billion in 2018, representing a staggering 47% of e-commerce sales.

According to the latest Pew data, 6% of today’s U.S. consumers are already mobile only, meaning no home phone and no computer.

In response, a new generation of mobile-only businesses is emerging, meaning customers can have a highly-successful relationship with them without ever talking to a human, walking into a store or visiting a desktop website. Car service Uber and digital bank Simple are notable recent entries. Even “old internet” companies like Netflix, Zipcar and Yelp are increasingly mobile-only in the eyes of their customers.

For traditional brands, winning in the mobile era will require not only substantially more investment in people and platforms, but a whole new way of viewing their organization and its relationships.

How prepared is your organization to prosper in this new world?