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Intranet Strategy, Design, and Development

The best intranets today have rapidly evolved from uninspiring document repositories into dynamic, empowering workspaces that galvanize company culture and drive business growth.

With over 16 years of award-winning intranet design expertise, we help organizations establish a long-term vision for their intranet, and then achieve it in manageable, incremental steps.

It starts by understanding the goals of your organization and what your employees need to meet those goals. Then, focusing all the assets at your disposal — content, people, culture and technology — we architect an intranet experience that personifies your brand and inspires your people to propel your organization forward every day.

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We told them what we wanted. They gave us what we needed.

Shari Rouleau
Director, Business Intelligence Comcast Corporation
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Modus is the only two-time agency winner of the Nielsen Norman Group’s Intranet Design Annual: Year’s 10 Best Intranets.

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