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After each of my four surgeries at Memorial Sloan Kettering, I was told that walking was one of the best ways to ensure a good recovery and that 14 loops around the floor was one mile. Besides enjoying compliments about my unicorn slippers, I was motivated to get home. The 14 laps became my Everest as I diligently shuffled my way back to health. The nurse’s station is in the center of the loop, and on every pass I noticed... Read More
We may be living in the most creative and disruptive time since the dawn of the Internet. Nearly everything we do is becoming easier, faster, more consumer-friendly than before. It’s a delightful time for consumers, and a challenging time for brands. Yet there is great opportunity for brands that listen carefully to the changing expectations of their customers. They’re telling us a lot of things right now, but they’re telling us some more loudly than others and a clear picture... Read More

Why Your Digital Product Needs a Visual Designer

As user experience professionals, we’ve been trained to put the user at the center of everything we design. To that end, we’ve developed techniques and processes that help keep us focused on the user. We conduct user interviews, observe users in the wild, draft customer journey maps, compose user personas, and test our designs with users again and again—all with the ultimate goal of creating something that’s usable and functional, so that our clients don’t waste money building something that... Read More

Getting Started with Personalization

The potential of customizing experiences and products for your buyers is tremendous. On average, marketers who provide and measure personalized web experiences see an increase of nearly 20% in sales (Econsultancy). But many marketers—especially at large organizations—still struggle with getting started. Broadly defined, personalization isn’t new. Tactics to deliver tailored experiences have been around for years (think user profiles and email segmentation). But recent technological advancements are enabling more and more companies to personalize better and faster—sometimes even on a... Read More

6 Key Ways Employees Judge Your Intranet

When it comes to intranet best practices we live in a golden age of knowledge. With publications like the Nielsen Norman Group’s Intranet Design Annual, competitions like the Intranet Innovation Awards and organizations like The Digital Workplace Group it has never been easier to peek “behind the login” and see what others are doing to put your own efforts in perspective. Yet there’s another – less obvious – set of standards that our employees are judging us by every day.... Read More

Mobile is the new desktop. Here’s what that means.

Talk about a tipping point. As of last quarter we now spend more time surfing the web on our phones than on PCs. We even spend more time on our phones than watching TV. It happened more quickly than most of us anticipated, but mobile is the new desktop. For savvy brands and organizations the sky is truly the limit. But first, you have some housekeeping to do. The mobile customer experience gap The mobile future became the mobile present... Read More

The incredible power of user testing

Something extraordinary happened here last month. With some simple user testing, a relative handful of customers caused two leading global brands to alter the course of their online business presence. In one case, a client discovered its visitors weren't interested in an expensive new feature it was considering. In the second, a client was able to validate its new site structure, but found its customers struggled with their product messaging. In both cases, the business benefits achieved far outweighed the... Read More

Your copy is your user experience

So why are so many brands neglecting theirs? What if you could quickly improve your search rankings, increase user engagement and conversion, and make a positive impact on brand perception – all without redesigning your websites or investing in new technology? You can, today, with better copy. Copy: The overlooked edge An effective investment in content can substantially impact your organization's image, competitiveness, profitability, and even market value. Think about your last major web initiative. Look at the time devoted... Read More

Designing a World-Class Intranet: 7 Key Strategies

[one_fourth] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] A well-designed intranet does more than store documents and publish company news. It galvanizes your organization, enhances profitability and provides you with a powerful competitive advantage. The companies that have achieved the greatest success with their intranet say the secret lies in proper approach and planning. These seven strategies, distilled from award-winning intranet projects, will help get you started on the right foot. Download the White Paper(PDF 0.4MB) [/three_fourth_last] Read More

Web Copy that Works: 7 Rules for Success

[one_fourth] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] What's the fastest and least expensive way to improve the business performance of your web sites, emails and online newsletters? It's not web 2.0, AJAX or social networking. It's better copy. Persuasive copywriting is the cornerstone of a successful online business presence, yet most organizations continue to treat copy as an afterthought. This white paper addresses the key best practices that will help your team write web copy that gets read and inspires action. Includes a resource... Read More

Do-It-Yourself User Testing: Get Big Customer Insights For Little (or No) Cost

[one_fourth] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] Every year, companies spend billions of dollars developing new products and services for the web, only to launch them to an indifferent reception, or worse. Most of these struggling products share at least one thing in common. Their teams didn't get customer feedback early in the design process. If you're like most Internet leaders, you see the value of testing early with your customers, but you don't have the time or budget to hire outside consultants. This... Read More