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After each of my four surgeries at Memorial Sloan Kettering, I was told that walking was one of the best ways to ensure a good recovery and that 14 loops around the floor was one mile. Besides enjoying compliments about my unicorn slippers, I was motivated to get home. The 14 laps became my Everest as I diligently shuffled my way back to health. The nurse’s station is in the center of the loop, and on every pass I noticed... Read More
We may be living in the most creative and disruptive time since the dawn of the Internet. Nearly everything we do is becoming easier, faster, more consumer-friendly than before. It’s a delightful time for consumers, and a challenging time for brands. Yet there is great opportunity for brands that listen carefully to the changing expectations of their customers. They’re telling us a lot of things right now, but they’re telling us some more loudly than others and a clear picture... Read More

Why Your Digital Product Needs a Visual Designer

As user experience professionals, we’ve been trained to put the user at the center of everything we design. To that end, we’ve developed techniques and processes that help keep us focused on the user. We conduct user interviews, observe users in the wild, draft customer journey maps, compose user personas, and test our designs with users again and again—all with the ultimate goal of creating something that’s usable and functional, so that our clients don’t waste money building something that... Read More