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After each of my four surgeries at Memorial Sloan Kettering, I was told that walking was one of the best ways to ensure a good recovery and that 14 loops around the floor was one mile. Besides enjoying compliments about my unicorn slippers, I was motivated to get home. The 14 laps became my Everest as I diligently shuffled my way back to health. The nurse’s station is in the center of the loop, and on every pass I noticed... Read More

Getting Started with Personalization

The potential of customizing experiences and products for your buyers is tremendous. On average, marketers who provide and measure personalized web experiences see an increase of nearly 20% in sales (Econsultancy). But many marketers—especially at large organizations—still struggle with getting started. Broadly defined, personalization isn’t new. Tactics to deliver tailored experiences have been around for years (think user profiles and email segmentation). But recent technological advancements are enabling more and more companies to personalize better and faster—sometimes even on a... Read More

The Human Touch: Moving From UX to HX

  “Don’t you resent being called a ‘consumer?’” I am sitting in a room with about twenty other people, two hundred feet above the Pacific at the Esalen Institute. The question draws my gaze away from the Cypress tree clinging to the cliff outside the window back to the white-haired workshop leader. My indignation rises as he continues: “Is that how we should define each other? Is that who you want to be? One who consumes? Do you want to... Read More