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After each of my four surgeries at Memorial Sloan Kettering, I was told that walking was one of the best ways to ensure a good recovery and that 14 loops around the floor was one mile. Besides enjoying compliments about my unicorn slippers, I was motivated to get home. The 14 laps became my Everest as I diligently shuffled my way back to health. The nurse’s station is in the center of the loop, and on every pass I noticed... Read More

Getting Started with Personalization

The potential of customizing experiences and products for your buyers is tremendous. On average, marketers who provide and measure personalized web experiences see an increase of nearly 20% in sales (Econsultancy). But many marketers—especially at large organizations—still struggle with getting started. Broadly defined, personalization isn’t new. Tactics to deliver tailored experiences have been around for years (think user profiles and email segmentation). But recent technological advancements are enabling more and more companies to personalize better and faster—sometimes even on a... Read More

The Human Touch: Moving From UX to HX

  “Don’t you resent being called a ‘consumer?’” I am sitting in a room with about twenty other people, two hundred feet above the Pacific at the Esalen Institute. The question draws my gaze away from the Cypress tree clinging to the cliff outside the window back to the white-haired workshop leader. My indignation rises as he continues: “Is that how we should define each other? Is that who you want to be? One who consumes? Do you want to... Read More

Road Trip: 7 Mobile Apps For Travelers

The road trip is an American way of life - so much so that Europeans come over here just to experience its grandeur. Whether you're a 20-something speeding down the highway yelling, "VEGAS!!!" or a family man packing the kids into the mini-van for a camping trip, we all face the same challenges - planning, getting there, dealing with payments, and finding some way to remember what just happened. Thankfully another American way of life (for the last couple of... Read More

6 Digital Priorities for 2015

In a business environment where most of us have more opportunities to invest in than the ability to see them through, prioritization is everything. Econsultancy and Adobe just published the priorities of more than 6,000 marketing, digital and ecommerce professionals from around the world in their new ‘Digital Trends 2015’ report. According to the report, companies are placing their competitive bets on customer experience, personalization, mobile, big data and multichannel consistency. This is excellent news for consumers, and for those... Read More

Read these books and win: The ultimate eBusiness reading list

This may sound crazy, but you’re just eight books away from dominating your peers and achieving your most ambitious online business objectives. Listed below are the books that have impacted our work most profoundly over the years and that remain as relevant today as the day they were published. They stand out for their originality and scope of vision, accessibility for non-technical readers and their “use it now” practicality. Taken together they add up to the only eBusiness playbook you’ll... Read More

2014 Summer Festival Tech

Summer is coming to an end and with it the summer festival season - it was a good run... In this age of the mobile device and the "Internet of Things" we’ve noticed a marked increase in technology at these festivals from magnetic ID bracelets to GPS enabled social apps. Is the future finally here? Wearable Festival Technology For anybody that has been to a Korean Spa the concept of magnetic ID bracelets will seem very familiar. These handy devices... Read More

The Future of Connected Devices

Last Thursday the Modus Team took a short walk up 6th Avenue to the Art Directors Club to attend an event called “Valuable Connections.” The topic of conversation was connected devices (future of, value of, etc). Here are our collective thoughts. Speakers: Michael Lebowitz, Big Spaceship Gavin Becker, Made By Many Christian Cantrell, Adobe Brian Carley, Rokkan Event Link: SoDA Session NYC: "Valuable Connections" Natural interactions with wearable technology A major problem with wearable technology is that they always feel... Read More

We’re all in the web software business now

By 2020, customers will manage 85% of their relationship with a company without talking to a human. - Gartner Research Whether you embrace Gartner's forecast or not, the trend is undeniable. We are increasingly asking our customers, partners and employees to go online to do just about everything: Check status, request services, submit and pay invoices, manage projects, collaborate, schedule, monitor, update and administer. This has thrust the formerly "back-office" world of corporate applications, tools and utilities into an increasingly... Read More

Barnes & Noble and the limits of digital innovation

When Barnes & Noble announced in July that its Nook division lost nearly five hundred million dollars and its CEO was resigning, the business press converged quickly on the inevitable conclusion: the company is doomed. How can it compete with Apple and Amazon in the age of e-books? Ritual references to the music industry were made. Another victim of the digital revolution was laid to rest. But those hastily-written obituaries left out some important and surprising facts. And it took... Read More

Why the New LinkedIn Portfolio Feature is Bad For Business

LinkedIn recently announced a new feature to the personal profile page, and we couldn’t be more on board with the direction they’re headed. The Portfolio Display is the embodiment of one of our mantra’s here at Modus: “Show, Don’t Tell.” Historically non-visual, LinkedIn has caught up with the times by allowing users to post videos, illustrations, photography and presentations. From what we’ve learned from Facebook, posts with photos get 39% more interaction — and we’d expect the same bump in... Read More

Simplicity: The next competitive battleground

Consumers crave it. The most successful brands are doing it. You probably need more of it. We're talking about the practice of simplicity in your online customer experiences. Always a virtue, simplicity is fast becoming a necessity in our increasingly mobile, multi-screen and distracted world. Let's take a look at the numbers: 90% of all US media consumption now takes place across a combination of phone, tablet, computer and TV screens [Source: Google] Tablet PCs will outsell desktop PCs next... Read More

Off the record: Your peers share their greatest ambitions

The person who follows a crowd will never be followed by a crowd.R.S. Donnell Every now and again we reach out to clients and other business leaders we admire to pick their brains and share their more instructive experiences with our readers. For this issue, we asked four of them from the enterprise, start-up and public sectors one simple, yet evocative question: If you had to choose just one, what online investment would you make now to change the game... Read More

The six greatest breakthroughs of the internet age

This may be the most controversial newsletter we've ever attempted. We gathered the entire company together to survey 20 years of Internet history and choose the five most important breakthroughs from a user experience perspective. Tears were shed. Blood was spilled. And in the end we compromised on six. Why the user experience angle? Because whatever technology innovations are forming in the world's boardrooms and basements right now, in the end it's our users who will choose the winners –... Read More

Why you should hire a full-time web analyst now

What if your next great customer insight or product breakthrough was right in your hands, but you couldn't see it? Chances are it's happening to you every day. 10 years into the mainstreaming of web analytics, many organizations are still struggling to achieve the ROI they expected from their investments in web analytics software. The problem is they over-invested in technology and under-invested in people. But that's finally starting to change. Buying analytics software and waiting for the ROI to... Read More