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What if you could talk to your heroes? What would they sound like? How would they respond to your questions? In honor of Women’s History Month, Modus figured out a way to make that possible using a Facebook Messenger-powered chatbot experience. A Talking Tour of Women’s History Play History’s Heroines on Facebook Messenger Want to learn more about chatbots? Take a behind-the-scenes look at how we made History’s Heroines in How To Make a Chatbot. Bronwyn Berkery was a contributor... Read More
Bronwyn Berkery was a contributor to this blog post.   Here at Modus, our fearless team cultivates our collective curiosity every single day. But sometimes we yearn for even more chances to unleash the wildest ideas we have — to immerse ourselves in emerging technologies that might be outside of our comfort zones. Enter: Modus Make-a-thons, quarterly events that take place at our NYC offices. Get the low-down on what we're up to in our make-a-thon blog series. Ready for... Read More
It’s been two weeks since attending the 2018 HIMSS Conference in Las Vegas, and I am finally able to digest the experience and share a few impressions. First of all, HIMSS feels like the Coachella of healthcare IT—overwhelming, with 40,000 attendees and 1,300 vendors competing for your attention with vividly designed booths, “unique” schwag, free coffee, and bold promises writ large like “Big Data = Better Patient Care” and “Complete Solution For Modern Healthcare.” Combine this sensory overload with the... Read More