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With 1 million new signups a week, Apple Pay has taken off. The one-click technology developed by its namesake allows iPhone and iPad users to upload their personal credit and debit card information to a mobile wallet and pay with a single fingerprint. Last week, Apple made headlines when the company announced that Apple Pay would be available on websites using Apple’s Safari browser. (The technology is currently only available for use on apps.) Big name retailers such as 1-800-Flowers... Read More
It’s often the first question we hear when speaking with a prospective client about a web project: What CMS do you recommend? Your CMS (Content Management System) is a critical consideration. But focusing on the technology before you’ve clarified your digital strategy is putting the cart before the horse. Executives are often convinced that the sub-par performance of their existing site is the result of the wrong technology. And sometimes they’re right. However, most available technologies, when implemented properly, will... Read More
So you decided that your outdated site needed an overhaul, and hired a professional company to research, design, and build you a killer new site. Your new site has an awesome user experience and some great content, but for some reason your number of visitors has plummeted. You ask yourself, What happened? My new site was supposed to increase my visitors, not decrease them. What likely happened is that you confused the search engines by changing all your URLs, content,... Read More