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With 1 million new signups a week, Apple Pay has taken off. The one-click technology developed by its namesake allows iPhone and iPad users to upload their personal credit and debit card information to a mobile wallet and pay with a single fingerprint. Last week, Apple made headlines when the company announced that Apple Pay would be available on websites using Apple’s Safari browser. (The technology is currently only available for use on apps.) Big name retailers such as 1-800-Flowers... Read More
It’s often the first question we hear when speaking with a prospective client about a web project: What CMS do you recommend? Your CMS (Content Management System) is a critical consideration. But focusing on the technology before you’ve clarified your digital strategy is putting the cart before the horse. Executives are often convinced that the sub-par performance of their existing site is the result of the wrong technology. And sometimes they’re right. However, most available technologies, when implemented properly, will... Read More
So you decided that your outdated site needed an overhaul, and hired a professional company to research, design, and build you a killer new site. Your new site has an awesome user experience and some great content, but for some reason your number of visitors has plummeted. You ask yourself, What happened? My new site was supposed to increase my visitors, not decrease them. What likely happened is that you confused the search engines by changing all your URLs, content,... Read More

A Winning Strategy for JS Frameworks

Angular, Backbone, Ember, React, Knockout, Batman, Bacon…it sounds more like a graphic novel than a list of JavaScript frameworks. At times it even feels like fiction with the number of JS tools that keep popping into existence. And it certainly can be overwhelming. Is it MVC, MVVM, OO, functional? Is it even JavaScript at all? Or is it CoffeeScript or TypeScript? Do I need transpiler to run it? Will it actually result in a better product? To avoid framework fatigue—and... Read More

Supercharge Your Front End Development with Scaffolding

When it comes to web development, we’re all looking for ways to do more faster. We’ve recently adopted a front-end development strategy that solves several time-consuming problems. And, in the interest of efficiency, we’ll get right to it. Introducing: a properly configured scaffold. Issues that scaffolding can address include (but are not limited to): JS minification and concatenation Transcompling ECMA6, ES2015, CoffeeScript etc.. Image compression File versioning Local dev server (including File Watching for Livereload) Test running Code linting Dependency... Read More

Do You API?

In today’s digital environment, hardly anything is set-it-and-forget-it, and ongoing innovation is essential. Successful businesses constantly evolve to keep up with trends—or even set the trends themselves. And for companies with a significant digital component, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) are an important tool in the innovation toolkit. We’ve seen all manner of companies experience success using web-based APIs, including fresh technology startups, big tech companies like Amazon and Google, retailers like Walmart and Sears, and government institutions like The World... Read More

2nd Graders Build up STEAM at Modus

For most of my career, I have been a database architect. I love data and the data sciences. Analyzing patterns, forecasting, moving and streaming data, and designing databases—that's my thing. I find it to be an extremely creative mental space. I've also been lucky enough to be surrounded by engineers and designers that are all forms of crazy. But despite all that, there just aren't very many female engineers, particularly those who are American born. And from my purview, young... Read More

Behind an Interactive Video Wall

As technology evolves to enable more natural user interactions, the physical way we connect to devices is changing. Input accessories—like keyboards, remote controls, and even smartphone screens—will eventually become obsolete, first occupying landfills, and then, eventually, the shelves of Brooklyn antique shops. Interactive video walls, controlled through touch or hand gestures, are a great example of this evolution. They have a wide range of applications, and are taking root among forward-looking organizations. Plus, in our experience, we’ve found interactive video... Read More

2014 Summer Festival Tech

Summer is coming to an end and with it the summer festival season - it was a good run... In this age of the mobile device and the "Internet of Things" we’ve noticed a marked increase in technology at these festivals from magnetic ID bracelets to GPS enabled social apps. Is the future finally here? Wearable Festival Technology For anybody that has been to a Korean Spa the concept of magnetic ID bracelets will seem very familiar. These handy devices... Read More

It’s Official: Mobile is the New Desktop

Talk about a tipping point. For the first time ever we now spend more time surfing the web on our phones than on PCs. We even spend more time on our phones than watching TV. It happened more quickly than most of us anticipated, but mobile is the new desktop. And now the sky is truly the limit. Your customers and employees are turning to their phones for everything. It’s changing how we live: The average person checks their phone... Read More

CSS Tricks: Expanding Beyond a Parent div

So you are writing content into a page that has a defined center column and want to add a horizontal element that goes all the way across the screen width - how do you break outside of the center column content div?   I came across this problem while building the Our Approach page for this site. Taking the next logical step - I scoured the internet for a blog post explaining how to get around this problem and didn't... Read More