Our Ideas - Technology
This year, I organized the second STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) event at Modus for my daughter’s 4th-grade class from PS 372 The Children’s School in Brooklyn. These events allow us to connect with the next generation and share our love for design and engineering systems. My goal was to align a STEAM oriented project with their current science and language arts curriculum, so we engaged the class in a multidisciplinary engineering challenge. Using a common engineering design... Read More
The software and websites of federal institutions and federally-funded nonprofits are required to be accessible to Americans with disabilities. And recent court rulings indicate that for-profit companies should be designing for accessibility as well. At Modus, we’re all for it—but find that there’s a fair learning curve to when it comes to accessibility. So I put together this primer on how to successfully address accessibility throughout the product lifecycle. Chock full of concrete examples, there’s something here for designers, engineers,... Read More
Bright shiny object syndrome (BSOS) can be dangerous. The temptation for industries to adopt every latest technological tool and digital trend is often too great to resist. The result is often a spray of gadgets and gizmos that result in lost time and money — and distract decision-makers from strategically investing in durable, valuable, ROI-driven innovations down the road. In the health care industry, BSOS couldn’t be more relevant. Walking the showroom floor at HIMSS in February, I saw booth... Read More