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Modus Labs is happy to announce the beta launch of BreadBox, a planning poker app for agile teams by an agile team. To learn more about agile estimation and the lessons we learned while building BreadBox, read on! The what, why, and how of estimating tasks in agile If you’ve ever worked on an agile development team, you probably know that that process of estimating work can seem overwhelming at first. When Modus began transitioning to agile methodologies 3 years... Read More

The Future of Home-Buying

At an average sale price over $200,000, a home is one of the largest and most complex purchases people ever make. What if you could take control and make the process simpler and more personal? Understand the buying process It's easy to get lost when you're driving around looking at homes. And the same is true for buying one: without a clear map, you will get off track. But no worries—just use a handy visual guide to home buying to... Read More

The Future of Shopping

Every month, Americans spend $350 billion shopping. But what if it was faster, more frugal, more fun? Stop wish(list)ing, and start saving Wishlists on the web have been a great shopping tool — but the problem is that they are just lists, and generally tied to an individual store. But what if the next generation of wishlists could do more? Imagine the ideal wishlist. It would follow you from BestBuy to Target to Whole Foods, whether you're surfing their sites... Read More