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Behind every compelling line of copy is a rock-solid messaging strategy. And behind that messaging strategy is a well-informed brand strategy. And behind that brand strategy is a smart business strategy. And… we’ll stop there. Let’s get back to messaging and copy. Both strive to achieve the same goal: to effectively communicate your unique selling proposition (USP), or the key differentiators that set you apart from your competition, to your current and prospective clients. But messaging has got to steer... Read More
My biggest Google confession? I periodically search “what is content strategy?” Now, this is a legitimate query for 99.999% of the population—but I happen to be the Director of Content at a leading digital studio in New York. (Unsurprisingly, my boss is thrilled with this anecdote.) This confession, of course, has a point other than totally undermining my credibility. I know what content strategy is for me and our organization, but its definition and application varies greatly beyond that. For... Read More
The truth? Your customer experience isn't about “brand awareness”. Or “onboarding.” Or “support.” When your customer needs something, they’re not thinking about funnel stages or your org structure. And ultimately, you shouldn't either. Don’t get me wrong—a good funnel diagram has its place. It’s an important principle that can help you organize your thinking and coordinate your efforts. But it can’t be the be-all-end-all for an organization that wants to be successful across the entire customer journey. (Try picturing a... Read More