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You’ve likely heard something like this statistic: 70–90% of your buyer’s journey is complete before they engage with sales.* That trend has tremendous implications for how we approach marketing, but few organizations—especially large, well-established companies—have figured out how to evolve their strategy in response. It definitely means focusing on the digital channels through which your potential buyers are doing their research. But it actually starts with rethinking what has always been the most fundamental piece of your marketing efforts: your... Read More
We may be living in the most creative and disruptive time since the dawn of the Internet. Nearly everything we do is becoming easier, faster, more consumer-friendly than before. It’s a delightful time for consumers, and a challenging time for brands. Yet there is great opportunity for brands that listen carefully to the changing expectations of their customers. They’re telling us a lot of things right now, but they’re telling us some more loudly than others and a clear picture... Read More
It’s often the first question we hear when speaking with a prospective client about a web project: What CMS do you recommend? Your CMS (Content Management System) is a critical consideration. But focusing on the technology before you’ve clarified your digital strategy is putting the cart before the horse. Executives are often convinced that the sub-par performance of their existing site is the result of the wrong technology. And sometimes they’re right. However, most available technologies, when implemented properly, will... Read More
So you decided that your outdated site needed an overhaul, and hired a professional company to research, design, and build you a killer new site. Your new site has an awesome user experience and some great content, but for some reason your number of visitors has plummeted. You ask yourself, What happened? My new site was supposed to increase my visitors, not decrease them. What likely happened is that you confused the search engines by changing all your URLs, content,... Read More

3 Storytelling Takeaways from Nike’s “Last” Ad

Nike’s newest commercial, “Last,” is impressive. The execution is artful, from the Rooney Mara voiceover to the post-apocalyptic lighting. But, more importantly, it’s one of those rare ads that tells a compelling story. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OxunzQQNgQM Here’s one big reason why the “Last” story works so well: it is both accessible and aspirational. Often, brands tell stories that are either one or the other. Too accessible? Your story is boring. Too aspirational? Your story is irrelevant—or even alienating. Say something to catch... Read More

What Your Content Strategy is Probably Missing

Content can be powerful stuff. But for big brands with lots of cooks in the kitchen, it is often a challenge to create great content. In fact, according to Forrester, only 32% of marketers believe their organization is effective at content. So to create content that actually moves the needle, where should you focus? Before you overhaul your content strategy or make a major content marketing investment, make sure you know your audience. To create truly relevant and engaging content, it's... Read More

Getting Your Content Right: The Best Practice No One is Talking About

Many best practices for content strategy and content marketing draw from the publishing industry. Managing editors, editorial calendars, and hooks and all existed at Conde Nast and Hearst before they were co-opted by CMOs and marketing teams around the world. We’re fortunate to have inherited these frameworks that have been refined over decades, yet proven flexible enough for today’s rapid-fire digital publishing. But there’s one best practice that has lagged behind the others, and it’s critical: fact-checking. At my first publishing... Read More

Your copy is your user experience

So why are so many brands neglecting theirs? What if you could quickly improve your search rankings, increase user engagement and conversion, and make a positive impact on brand perception – all without redesigning your websites or investing in new technology? You can, today, with better copy. Copy: The overlooked edge An effective investment in content can substantially impact your organization's image, competitiveness, profitability, and even market value. Think about your last major web initiative. Look at the time devoted... Read More

Web Copy that Works: 7 Rules for Success

[one_fourth] [/one_fourth] [three_fourth_last] What's the fastest and least expensive way to improve the business performance of your web sites, emails and online newsletters? It's not web 2.0, AJAX or social networking. It's better copy. Persuasive copywriting is the cornerstone of a successful online business presence, yet most organizations continue to treat copy as an afterthought. This white paper addresses the key best practices that will help your team write web copy that gets read and inspires action. Includes a resource... Read More

The future of user-generated content

It's hard to believe that user-generated content (or "UGC") has only been a mainstream phenomenon since 2005. Even by Internet standards, its proliferation and growing cultural impact have been astonishing. Through personal blogs, social networks, online communities and discussion boards, product reviews,Tomorrow's winners will be the brands that not only help people to participate in the UGC revolution, but make it more manageable and meaningful for them as well. wikis, news sites, travel sites, video and photo-sharing sites, average citizens... Read More