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6 Digital Priorities for 2015

In a business environment where most of us have more opportunities to invest in than the ability to see them through, prioritization is everything.

Econsultancy and Adobe just published the priorities of more than 6,000 marketing, digital and ecommerce professionals from around the world in their new ‘Digital Trends 2015’ report.

According to the report, companies are placing their competitive bets on customer experience, personalization, mobile, big data and multichannel consistency. This is excellent news for consumers, and for those companies investing in the skills and technology needed to excel in these areas.

Source: Econsultancy

Here are the highlights:

1) Customer experience takes center stage.

A superior customer experience (CX) has emerged as the stand-out imperative for 2015 and beyond, as more companies realize that CX is critical not only for competitive differentiation, but possibly for survival as well.

More than three-quarters of respondents are attempting to differentiate through CX. It won’t be easy. Creating an excellent customer experience across channels is a complex process, and most are working hard to join up their data, technical infrastructures, operations and people to deliver ever more satisfying experiences.

2) Marketing gets more personal.

Targeting and personalization emerged as the top marketing priorities for the year; proof that greater personalization is one of the key ways companies plan to improve their customer experiences. This comes as no surprise when you look at the commercial case for personalization. In separate research conducted by Econsultancy and Adobe, businesses personalizing their customer experience reported a 14% uplift in sales.

3) Marketing gets more consistent.

Another key trend for 2015 is the way businesses are thinking of personalization across the entire customer journey rather than on a channel by channel basis. A significant 70% of companies cited having a clear understanding of customer journeys across channels as very important, with almost the same proportion seeing the consistency of message as important.

5) Data continues to excite…and vex.

Several years into the data revolution, most companies are sitting on heaps of data but relatively few have mastered it. Only 37% of respondents indicated they have a good infrastructure in place to collect the data they need and only 38% said they have the analysts they need to make sense of their data.

4) Mobile moves from hot to hygiene.

While mobile may be a differentiator for brands today, the report concludes, it won’t continue to be as mobile increasingly becomes ubiquitous and a core competency for organizations. However with most of this year’s priorities centered on developing more intimate relationships with customers, mobile’s role and relevance will only increase over time, even if the excitement around it dips relative to other possibilities.

6) Experimentation is key.

Digital may well be the world’s most hospitable environment for marketing experimentation, and 69% of marketers surveyed said they planned to not only experiment, but experiment heavily, with digital this year. This can only be a good thing.

In which areas are you going to be experimenting most heavily in the coming year?

Source: Econsultancy